Terms and conditions


Payment of your final balance can be made using any of the following methods;

Debit /Switch Card – No additional charge

Bank Transfer BACS or CHAPS (Cleared funds must be received before the vehicle can be released so please check with you bank on service times)

Personal Cheque –  as above, cleared funds are required. 

Credit Card – Most Major cards can be accepted but attract a fee of 2.5% with will be added to your balance.

Cash – Cash is not necessarily an advantage to us as a business but is acceptable for payment up to £10,000.00

Bankers Draft or Building Society cheque – This should be made payable to Church’s. We do sometimes ask to verify the cheque with the issuing branch by phone. This is standard  practice in many dealerships, please don’t be offended!

A mixture of the above is, of course, fine with us.

Road Tax and Fuel

Road Tax is not included in the asking price of our vehicles.  If there is already valid Road Tax on the screen when we acquire the car then you are usually welcome to keep it but this should be with clarified with us to avoid confusion. We are happy to organise road tax on your behalf but may require your insurance cover note to be sent to us in advance. Please let us know ahead of collection if you would like us to do this.   

As you can imagine we only keep a small amount of fuel on site. Please let us know if you would like us to fill your car with fuel ahead of collection the cost of this would be passed on at collection.   

Arranging Collection or Part Exchange Vehicles.

Please make an appointment to collect your vehicle. We like to be seen to be flexible but keeping as close to you appointment time as possible helps us to allocate the right amount of time to the hand over process. Saturdays are often our busiest day therefore if you have a choice of availability a weekday might allow us a bit more time. 

If you are part exchanging please bring with you V5 Log book, Service Record, Current MOT , Spare keys, Key to locking wheel nut, any other info instruction manuals etc which may prove useful.  If you are experiencing any fault or difficulty with you part exchange prior to completing the transaction please do tell us as soon as poss . There are rarely any showstoppers but it does help us to know.   

Finally, please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or require any further info.    


Vehicles which fall outside of Manufacturers Warranty (usually 3 years or older) are sold  with a standard SELECT cover three month Mechanical Breakdown Insurance with a £500.00 per claim limit via our Warranty provider Autoguard Warranties.

For further peace of mind we also offer the option to upgrade this cover and  to purchase an Extended PREMIIUM cover policy.

The details of the Cover provided can be found at  www.autoguardwarranties.com          

or at request we can forward copies to you by mail or email. 

Please give due consideration to which policy best suits your needs.  We feel the above  offer very good value for money against other product insurance ie. electrical goods, home cover etc. that we are regularly offered.